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IMPACT San Antonio: A Global Young Adult Experience
By Benjamin Lundquist
Imagine. . . A global Seventh-day Adventist young adult community together in 1 city for 10 days. During 2015 General Conference Session in San Antonio, Texas, young adults, ages 18-35, from all around the world to join together for Impact San Antonio, July 2-11 at the Marriott River Center. IMPACT is not a program, service, conference, summit, or convention. It is a ten-day global experience for Seventh-day Adventist young adults.  
IMPACT is community. When young adults arrive this summer in San Antonio they will notice right away that young adult ministry is not dead in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. God has been leading the rise of a growing young adult ministry movement that will gain even more momentum though IMPACT. Young adults will connect to a community of gifted leaders who share the same passion to reach, love, and empower their generation for the cause of Christ. The entire IMPACT experience is intentionally being created to build authentic community encouraging young adults in knowing they belong to a church that values them and believes in their leadership calling.
IMPACT is growing in Jesus. In only ten days God can and will change the lives of young adult attendees by drawing them to Jesus. The hope of Jesus will be shared by gifted speakers such as: Jose Rojas, David Asscherick, Eddie Hypolite, Rebecca Davis, Stephan Sigg, Raewyn Hankins, and others. Attendees will experience dynamic worship celebrating Jesus as represented by the diversity our global church. Through breakout sessions, presenters will seek to bring Jesus into every aspect of young adult life.
IMPACT is leadership in action. During this ten-day experience young adults will be challenged to grow in their leadership and influence for the cause of Jesus. The best way to grow is by actually going out in the community and making a real difference for those in our own backyard. There will be excellent leadership training at IMPACT, but it will be coupled with significant time to make a difference in the community of San Antonio. Young adults will get to be the hands of Jesus though community projects that they will lead themselves.
Impact is you. It's about investing in yourself and investing in the lives of others. You can get updates though social media, watch a video review online, or listen to a downloadable sermon, but you will miss out on the exclusive global Seventh-day Adventist young adult experience that is IMPACT. Accept this simple invitation to be a part of something uniquely special for the most gifted, talented, and underutilized young adult generation the world has ever seen. IMPACT will not be the same experience without you. For more information and registration go to IMPACT.
Benjamin Lundquist is the Arizona Conference young adult ministries director & North American Division young adult life coordinator