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Do Fast

The threat of losing the millennial generation grabbed the attention of NAD leadership and in 2013 they launched 'Young Adult Life', an initiative to study and find options for engaging Millennials. This quarter's edition of CALLED magazine focuses on the status of young adults in the NAD.

Two separate versions of the Activities were created by youth pastors and educators for both children and young people and can be downloaded from NAD Education website: AdventistEducation.org. Just click on the do fast banner to get the do fast activities.

To help your children fundraise, do fast hats are available now from AdventSource. Please order by August 1, 2015 to allow time for shipping. Orders of 25 or more will get a $3 discount which churches and schools can keep for their own projects. You will also be fulfilling the Biblical mandate to “defend orphans”.
In 2014 several churches participated in the do fast and raised funds to feed 10,000 hungry children. One hat for $12-15 will feed a child for 2-4 months depending on the country.
For more information, please write to Norma Nashed
president@restoreachild.org  -  240 393 7712  restoreachild.org/dofast