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Establishing a Worship & Music Ministry in Your Local Church (Part I)
By Devon Howard

Weekly corporate worship is an essential activity for a vital relationship with God. It teaches us about His power and also helps us tune out the things in our lives that distract us from Him. Ultimately, it inspires us for our mission of seeking justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with our God.

Investing time and resources in the planning and implementation of such an important part of the Christian experience is essential in every church and Christian community. The following summaries from a recent presentation for the Andrews Worship & Music and Worship Conference address some of the fundamental questions that need to be considered when starting a Worship & Music Ministry at any church.

What is Worship?
Worship is not simply music, or musical performance. Rather, it is the comprehensive crafting and implementation of a church experience, as well as the facilitation of participating personnel and groups. This means that all the events of a Sabbath morning should be considered as part of the worship experience. Effective worship will begin in the parking lot and linger with the individual participants throughout their week.

Why is Worship & Music Ministry Important?
A formal Worship & Music Ministry is important because worship is our theology. In other words, the way we worship reflects and informs the way we believe. A well organized Worship & Music Ministry will educate, inspire and empower the congregation to model their faith to the community.

Why Hire a Professional to Facilitate It?
A well trained professional doesn’t replace volunteers but supports them, preventing the cycle of burnout. They have investment in the ministry’s success, including training and an incentive to continue training. In partnership with the pastor, a professional is also able to set direction and make decisions with authority as an accountable representative of the congregation.

In Part II I will lay out specific steps for establishing a Worship & Music Ministry as well as some practical tools for success.