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Greetings from the Ministerial Department!

The NAD Ministerial leadership team just got back from the Pacific Union Ministerial Council where over 700 pastors convened for Biblical inspiration, instruction, and fellowship. We gathered over 70 of the “best ideas for ministry” on video while there, and posted them on our NAD Ministerial Facebook page and our Vimeo account. 

Check them out at http://www.facebook.com/groups/NADMinisterial/ orhttp://vimeo.com/channels/231389. We will have more to share next month about the exciting ministerial council in Ontario, California. 
Starting this month we will highlight the work and ministry of our ministerial directors across the North American Division. We begin with Pastor Larry Priest, Ministerial Director for the Dakota Conference.

The Battle for Balance and Unity
"...that they also may be one in us..."  John 17:21
by Larry Priest, Ministerial Director for the Dakota Conference

It is my privilege to work with the pastors of the Dakota Conference. Though we are a small group of only 22 pastors, we must still be intentional in seeking the goals of balance and unity. These are the ways we mentor these ideals.
1. At pastor's meeting we present a balanced ministry agenda and foster fellowship time.
2. No pastor is elevated above another as an expert or patted on the back publically.
3. We speak consistently of team. Making team goals; sharing team victories.
4. We recognize we are but under-shepherds, Jesus is the Master Shepherd.
Revival and reformation are major watchwords in Adventism today. If Jesus is the focus they can come to fruition. However, intellectualism, legalism and emotionalism are not the avenue to any part of salvation. Salvation at all of its progressive stages is a relationship with and product of Jesus Christ. It is believed and understood in the mind, it is rejoiced in the emotions, and it is lived out in the life, as a result of the transforming power of the Holy Spirit doing His work as defined by Jesus. 

The desire of Jesus for unity, recorded in John 17, is still waiting for fulfillment. The true goal of revival and reformation, I believe, is to revive us from the death of disunity with God and others, and reform us back into the balanced use of all HIS gifts to HIS glory. He is the resurrection (revival) and the life (reformation). May Jesus alone be lifted up!   


NAD Ministerial Director News


Ken Burrill, Vice President for Pastoral Ministries (Ministerial Director) in the Florida Conference, retired December 31, 2010. He has pastored churches in Maine, New Hampshire, Montana and Florida. He led his team with a strong belief in training, equipping and discipling members for ministry. Tim Nicholshas replaced Ken as ministerial director for the Florida Conference.    

Marwood Hallet, Ministerial Director for the Ohio Conference, retired August 30, 2011 after 26 years of service in the Ohio Conference. Prior to Ohio, Marwood served in the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference for over 10 years. One of his current pastors, Samuel Abraham, says, “He is a great inspiration to the pastors, willing to help any time, Christ centered teaching and a humble peace maker.”  In 2007 he was awarded the NAD Ministerial award for the outstanding model he developed for supervision and training people in supervision. He was also recognized for his exceptional leadership development with pastors.  

Dennis Ross, Ministerial and Evangelism Director for the Southern Union, and his wife Jackie will retire September 30, 2011. They just completed a challenging yet rewarding evangelistic meeting in Volusia County (Deland, Deltona, Daytona Beach, FL area). They can't think of stopping but will officially retire. He pastored for 43 years in various conferences throughout North America, including Northeastern, South Atlantic and Southeastern Conferences. For the past 20 years Elder Ross has worked for the Southern Union Conference located in Decatur, Georgia, where he also serves as the Global Missions Director. Dennis has been a faithful, active and contributing member of the NAD Pastoral Advisory since 2006.  


Ramiro Cano was elected president of Central California Conference (CCC) on November 21, 2010. Elder Cano served as Ministerial Director and Executive Secretary. He succeeds Jerry Page, President of Central for 15 years, who was elected to be the Ministerial Director for the General Conference.Pastor Cesar De Leon will replace Elder Cano as the new Ministerial Director for Central California Conference.   

Loren Nelson, former Michigan Ministerial Director, assumed the position of Vice President for Personnel April 1, 2011. Assisting him is his wife Linda. Elder Royce Snyman, Personal Ministries Director and Associate Ministerial Director, was appointed Ministerial Director/Vice-President. Loren served as a valuable resource for NAD Ministerial throughout the past 12 years. In 2004 he served on the NAD Ministerial orientation taskforce to compile the NAD Ministerial Secretary Reference Manual.  

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"When we as a people understand what this book (Revelation) means to us, there will be seen among us a great revival. We do not understand fully the lessons that it teaches, notwithstanding the injunction given us to search and study it."
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