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A Time to Forgive
A Book Review by Dale Galusha

It’s more than just the most powerful, moving story you’ll read this year; it is a journey to forgiveness. The book is titled, A Time to Forgive, and here's a synopsis of the story from The Tri-City Herald (by Sara Schilling, used by permission). 

WALLA WALLA — The phone call that changed Darold and Barbara Bigger's lives came on a Monday morning.

They were summoned to the office of the chaplain at Walla Walla University where they both work. He told them their oldest daughter was dead.

Description: "My first thought was automobile accident," said Barbara, 64, director of the university bookstore. "I even pictured the five-way intersection she went through on the way to work."

But Shannon Bigger, who loved cross-stitch and Mickey Mouse, wasn't killed in a crash. She was brutally murdered in her Maryland apartment on June 16, 1996, five days after her 25th birthday.

At first, "I was so speechless I couldn't even cry," Barbara said.

But the tears eventually came.

So did the anger. In the midst of that, Darold and Barbara did something that's shaped their lives ever since—they forgave Shannon's killer.

The concept of forgiveness is ages-old, but it's gained more attention in recent years thanks to a growing number of studies showing it can positively affect people's physical and emotional health.

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Dr. Darold Bigger has written a book about the family's experience—A Time To Forgive.

This book has three parts. In the first, Darold Bigger tells the story of his daughter’s death and what he went through after it. This isn’t a view from a distance. Dr. Bigger lets us into his heart, lets us see what he was thinking and feeling, and how he finally found what he needed to carry on.

The second part is an in-depth look at forgiveness. Why God requires us to forgive our enemies, what that means, and how we can do what He’s asked us to.

The third part, much briefer than the first two, offers a rather unique—and helpful—look at love. The perspective it provides enables us to more easily love our enemies and forgive them.

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Dale Galusha is president of Pacific Press