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Welcome to CALLED!

Welcome to the CALLED convention, planned just for you! We pray your life and ministry will be spiritually impacted and professionally enhanced as a result of your presence and participation in the events for pastors, spouses, teens, and children.
Our theme, CALLED, has been chosen because we believe it is the foundation from which all personal ministry begins and thrives. Throughout this convocation your CALL will be emphasized, reaffirmed, and rekindled as pastors share stories of their personal encounters with God. This convention is also a continuing education experience, and we will share a new systematic approach to professional development in pastoral ministry for our division. It is our hope that while you are here, you will be:
Inspired by some of the most uplifting speakers who will present their messages in a unique general sessions and seminar approach.
Valued as spiritual leaders on the front line of ministry and experience rich blessings throughout.
Connected with a vision forward for 21st century pastoral ministry in the North American Division.
Equipped by ministry specialists with resources to share and implement wherever you serve.
Finally, we will share seven qualities unearthed by a few years of division wide research. These qualities and their descriptions all reveal ministry ingredients needed for greater pastoral effectiveness and excellence. Thank you for coming! Your presence is an answer to our prayers.
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