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Core Qualities: Leadership Never Apologize for Leading
By Kymone Hinds
It may seem boastful or even arrogant to proclaim that you are a leader. We want to seem humble and in the position of a servant. So some are hesitant to accept the role and title of leadership.
However leadership is important to the advancement of the church of God on a whole and the church where you serve in particular. The reason leadership is vital is because it is God’s idea.
A simple definition of leadership is influencing others in a particular direction. The truth of the matter is that everyone exercises influence. What makes pastoral leadership unique is the direction we seek to influence people toward and the methods we use for influence.
Our mission as a church is made clear by Jesus. We are called to make disciples – followers of Christ. That’s the direction we point to as pastors.  But if we are honest, for most churches, without leaders focused on the goal, we will drift away from the mission. We can drift into busyness and comfort and safety. But pursuing mission is something that God has called us to remind his people of and to train others to do the same.
Jesus makes it clear that our leadership methods are different. While we lead we do not do so as directors but as servants. We come alongside those we are leading and share in their lives while helping develop them toward the ultimate goal of being fully formed into the likeness of Christ.
Kymone Hinds pastors the Journey Fellowship and Overton Park churches in Memphis, Tennessee. You can follow his blog at