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The Pastor’s Genius Station Where Technology Meets Your Ministry Needs
Come visit us at the Pastor’s Genius Station in the general session room/EH-4! (This is the same room where we will have our general sessions)

You need to stop by the Pastor’s Genius Station to:
  • Learn new ideas for ministry
  • Be served with your technology questions
  • Sign up for the latest ministry tools
  • Plug into a large pastor collaboration of ministry ideas
  • Sign up and receive credit for the new NAD continuing education system and so much more...
What’s at the Genius Station?
Kiosk #1  Bible Study Factory – Receive your brand new customizable “Open Source Digital Bible Studies” for Pastors. 

Kiosk #2  Adventist Learning Community – Learn to use the new web portal of distance learning for pastors. This is the new place to be certified and to upload continuing education through p-certification.  This portal is a resource for distance learning, training, equipping and so much more. 

Kiosk #3  People Connect Software – Learn how to use the new software developed by the NADiT department for congregational care, membership tracking, evangelistic follow-up and so much more through eAdventist. 

Kiosk #4  NAD Ministerial Department  – Convention App – Come ask questions or to find out how to navigate and use this great tool to make your convention experience even better. Sign-Ups – Sign up for the CALLED Digital Magazine and the family of Best Practices newsletters sponsored by the NAD Ministerial Department.
Technology Questions – Learn about new technology to aid in you in more efficient ministry. Ask questions, share ideas, expand your ministry through media.