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Evangelism Shark Tank
$40,000.00 for Innovative Evangelism Given Out Last Night –
$40,000.00 More Tonight!
Last night, after making great presentations and getting grilled by the Sharks, the Judges, five NAD Pastors received the great news that they will be taking some funds back to their churches to fulfill their innovative, compassionate, transformational evangelism initiatives. The Pastors are:
John T. Bolton (Central SDA Church, Allegheny East Conference, Columbia Union): $20,000.00
Adam Keating (West Houston SDA Church, Texas Conference, Southwestern Union): $10,000.00
Wendy Witas (Pacific Union College Church, Northern California Conference, Pacific Union): $5,000.00
Robert Hayes (Palm Coast SDA Church, Florida Conference, Southern Union): $3,000.00
Elim Lopez (Bridgeport Spanish SDA Church, Southern New England Conference, Atlantic Union): $2,000.00
In a very moving gesture, Robert Hayes, who had received the $3,000.00 - 4th Place, said that he was so touched by John Bolton’s presentation that he wanted to donate the $3,000.00 to the Central SDA Church.
Evangelism Shark Tank is hosted by Jose Cortes Jr., and judges Roger Hernandez, Kumar Dixit, Sung Kwon, Tara VinCross, and Jesse Wilson.
The brave Presenters going into the tank at 9:15 PM, tonight are:
Fred Batten - South Central Conference - Southern Union
David McCoy - Oregon Conference - North Pacific Union
Mike Dauncey, British Columbia Conference - Canadian Union
Tony Sandoval - Georgia Cumberland Conference - Southern Union
William J Lee Sr. - Lake Region Conference - Lake Union
Evangelism Shark Tank takes place at Ballroom C - 1st Floor