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Three Questions for Rebecca Pippert
By Tara VinCross

You said Christians have lost confidence in God giving us the resources we need for evangelism, tell me more about that problem--
We think the biggest problem is how to reach secular people. Secular people are hungry! The bigger challenge is the crisis of confidence in Christians sharing the gospel. Christians lack the confidence that the Holy Spirit can use them exactly as they are. They think, “I have to be more in order for him to use me.” But God is glorified in weakness. We are ashamed of our inadequacy when in fact God is delighted to use us just as we are, and we have the Holy Spirit who gives us everything we need!
We also aren't confident that the gospel and truth are appealing to non-Christians. As we heard in China when we were there recently, the stories about Jesus are so relevant to the secular mind. We need to learn how to talk about Jesus in a natural way - developing real relationships with people and inviting them to look at Jesus. We have trained people around the world - building up the confidence of Christians so they can share Jesus, and the results are incredible!
What do you do in your Evangelism training?
First, we look at the incarnation. We see Jesus becoming human and see that God is glorified in weakness. Then, we look at how to overcome our fears. We spend quite some time on this. Third, we look at the life and ministry of Jesus as our model. We see that Jesus was both radically identified and radically different. Fourth, the importance of relationships. Learning how to demonstrate love and realize relationships is everything. Finally, how do you arouse curiosity in the secular mind and what is a seeker Bible study. It’s an incredible experience! We are filming our training in London in November so that it can be released globally. This way the training can be seen and spread to places we haven’t been able to go to. Watch the website for this resource. ((Link to website -- 
What’s a favorite story of sharing the Irresistible Jesus with others?  
I was a new Christian. I had never led a Bible study before. I began leading at the University of Barcelona in Spain. My roommate and mentor told me it was time for me to invite someone to accept Christ, asking them at the end of the study, Is there any reason you couldn’t become a Christian?  I knew that I couldn’t do this! This was the role of the big-name evangelists. So I decided to prove I couldn’t by asking the most distant and hostile student. I approached Martin at the end of the study. I said, “Someday God is going to require an answer from what you have heard of him, and I hope you accept him then.” Martin responded by saying that God was actually pushing him now. “Every time we read the Bible I have God on my mind, and that is rather unsettling for an atheist,” he shared. I said, well when God leads you years and years from now, I hope you say yes. Martin looked me in the eye and said, “Becky, I want to become a Christian NOW.” I looked at him and admitted, “I can’t remember what to do.” He responded, “Why don't you pray then I'll pray then you wrap it up and it will be over before you know it.” We did pray and after we opened our eyes I told him that it’s still real, even if you feel like anything has changed. Martin looked at me with joy and exclaimed, “I do feel different!”  It was the very first time I ever led someone to Christ. We went out to dinner with a group from the seeker study. They immediately saw the transformation in Martin’s life, which led to more conversions, and a new found confidence in me. 5 secular people became Christians that night!Seeing God work in this way changed my life!
Tara VinCross, DMin. is the Director of REACH Columbia Union Urban Evangelism School and Lead Pastor of REACH Philadelphia SDA Church (  Rebecca  Pippert is co-founder of Salt Shaker Ministries