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Greetings from the Ministerial Department!


This coming Tuesday and Wednesday, October 25 and 26, the NAD Pastor Advisory will meet in Silver Spring, Maryland at the General Conference Headquarters.  This advisory meets for the purpose of focusing on and addressing pertinent issues concerning pastoral ministry in the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America.  This diverse advisory of Pastors and Ministerial Directors is composed by geographical service, gender, ethnicity, and church size/district.  Click here to see the membership of the Advisory.  http://www.nadministerial.org/article.php?id=52
We solicit your prayers as we meet with a sense of urgency and resolve to better support and resource ministerial directors and pastors.


by Ernie Furness, Ministerial Director for the Southeastern California Conference.
Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ernie Furness and currently serve as ministerial director of Southeastern California Conference (SECC). I have been the director for over twelve years. I carry no other responsibility.

Southeastern California is the Division’s largest conference with over 70,000 members. There are about 160 churches served by approximately 230 pastors. Some pastors are assigned a part-time appointment, which allows the conference to budget for about 190 full time equivalents. Included in this group are over twenty women serving as SECC pastors.

The conference membership is ethnically diverse with, at this point, all groups being minorities. Theologically speaking, SECC’s membership represents nearly every spectrum of church found in North America, from the most conservative to the most liberal. The conference affirms and serves its entire constituency.
The SECC job description states that the ministerial director is the pastor for SECC’s pastors. It further calls for the working with young pastors who are on the track to ordination-commissioning. This includes, among other things, guiding these pastor through the completion of a master’s degree and one unit of CPE training.

The position has several committee responsibilities. The ministerial director is a voting member on the conference’s Personnel, Administrative, and Insurance Committees and is a permanent invitee to the Conference Executive Committee and chairs the conference’s Pastoral Advisory. 

In SECC, the director assists clergy in transition, helps pastors who must contact authorities as a mandated reporter, stands with the pastor when facing issues with administration, supervises those pursuing doctorates, oversees SECC’s sabbatical program, advises in the anonymous counseling program, works with congregational search processes, writes policy, encourages area pastor meetings, interviews potential pastors, distributes continuing education resources . . . there is really no end to this list. At least the ministerial director does not have to wash the president’s car.  It is a good ministry. It is a privilege to serve God.


Pacific Union Ministerial Council Report by Brad Newton

The Pacific Union Conference Ministerial Council met August 29-31 in Ontario, California with over 700 pastors, chaplains, conference leaders, and their spouses in attendance.  The theme for the Council, “Reaching Up, Reaching Out”, was amplified through each morning and evening sermon, as well as by 18 seminar presenters.  The objective of the Council was three-fold:  inspire, instruct, and encourage those on the ministry frontlines.

The opening session keynote sermon was presented by Elder Dan Jackson, NAD President, on the topic, “The Flame that Burns.”   Following the meeting Pastor Jackson met for a “Q and A” session for candid dialogue on a variety of practical subjects. 

The Tuesday morning plenary session was presented by Pastor Rogelio Paquini  followed by seminars ranging from “Words of Delight:  The Blessing of Biblical Preaching” to “Spiritual Team Leadership.”  The complimentary Pastor Appreciation Luncheon featured Dr. Jon Paulien, LLU School of Religion, on the topic, “A Vision for the End-Time Remnant.”

“A highlight at the Luncheon was announcing that each pastor would receive a Premium Andrews Study Bible as a gift of appreciation for their service to the Lord’s work,” reports Elder Bradford Newton, Secretary/Ministerial Director for the Pacific Union and event organizer.  A total of 713 Bibles were provided by the project donors. The evening plenary session featured Dr. Carlton Byrd, Breath of Life Speaker-Director, on the subject “Do Something.”  A “Q and A” session with Pastor Byrd following the meeting was filled with practical counsel and reflections on the life of ministry.

The closing plenary session on Wednesday, August 31, featured Pastor Chris Oberg, Senior Pastor LSU Church, who challenged the listeners with the message, “Who Needs to Hear this Parable?”  A prayer of dedication for the pastoral leaders closed a Council gathering marked by fellowship, recommitment, and renewed dedication to a finished work.

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Report on the Pacific Union Conference Ministerial Council

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“The great danger is not that we will renounce our faith.  It is that we will become so rushed and preoccupied that we will settle for a mediocre version of it.”  by John C. Orterg in Taking Care of Busyness-How to minister at a healthy pace.