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Core Qualities: Relationships Winning Friendships
By Jennifer Deans
Why are relationships so important for pastors? Personally, that is the kind of thing that keeps me balanced.  Back in my seminary days we were told that it is unwise for pastors to form friendships with people in their congregations. When I tried that in my first church, I found myself very lonely.  We are, after all, designed by God, who is best understood in the context of relationships. Even Jesus formed deep relationships with those He came to serve. 
I am now very intentional about relationships – both in my church and community.  My relationships with my husband, son, family, prayer partners, accountability partners, and close friends help me to be the very best version of who I am.  They give me perspective, they pray for and with me, and they help me to have fun.
I have discovered that the best way to minister is through relationships.  When people know that I care about them, I am able to share a positive influence in their lives.  I have particularly enjoy leading people to Christ in a Mom’s Club.  These ladies have truly become my friends.  When I recently had a family emergency, they were there to care for my son, bring our family food, and faithfully see how I was doing.  Through my relationship with these ladies, two women and their families have joined our church.
Jennifer Deans is lead pastor for the Living Faith Church in Sterling, Virginia