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Greetings from the Ministerial Department!

As I travel around the Divsion, I am absolutely convinced that our ministerial family desires to serve the Lord faithfully in all they do.  I just spent time with the Ministerial Directors in the Southern Union.  Their passion and sense of urgency for the work of God truly inspired and encouraged me. 

Our NAD Ministerial Leadership Team recently spent some time strategically focusing on our role and ways to better support ministerial directors and pastors.  Through assessment and feedback from you, we've developed a clearer mission and focus.
Our mission is to empower the ministerial community in leading churches to reach their world for Christ.
Our strategic focus is captured in five ways.

1.    Empowering the Ministerial Community (Adventist  Clergypersons & Religion and Theology Students)
2.    Nurturing Innovation in Congregational Ministry
3.    Building Ministry Synergy through Networks
4.    Resourcing Best Practices for Biblical Preaching
5.    Creating Professional Growth Opportunities to enhance Pastoral Competencies.

We will share more in the near future about these five focuses.  Until next month, may the Lord bless you during this season of Thanksgiving.  We echo the inspired sentiment of David when he declared in Psalms 30:12 "O Lord my God, I will give thanks to You forever."  


by John Sweigart, Ministerial/Evangelism Director for the Kansas-Nebraska Conference.
One of the greatest challenges I face as a ministerial secretary is keeping in touch with the pastors I serve. I try to start each day walking and praying for each pastor by name. I call, visit, and send birthday and anniversary cards. However, with the requirements that come with responsibilities for multiple departments, it is not easy to get away to spend time one-on-one with pastors. I’ve found this particularly challenging due to the distances between pastors in the sparsely populated Great Plains. So to let them know I’m here, thinking about and praying for them, I’ve been sending a newsletter.

The newsletter was a weekly surface mailed piece when I began serving as Ministerial Secretary in Carolina Conference in February of 2003. I simply continued what my predecessor had been doing. There the newsletter was called the MVP(Most Valuable Pastors). As more and more pastors became computer savvy and connected to the internet it eventually evolved into an email piece by 2005. In Kansas-Nebraska since August of 2008 I’ve called it the GPS (Great Plains Shepherds) and always send it by email. (No wonder the U.S. Post Office is going broke!)

While I typically write an article to provide some encouragement (I hope) and commentary on issues of the day that I know pastors are facing, I also use it as a vehicle to keep pastors informed about what is going on around the conference. It is also a channel to provide links to other practical resources. To prevent it from being strictly one-way communication I’ve periodically asked for responses to articles. In addition I have used Survey Monkey to get responses from pastors on many different topics. Before the Conference Constituency Session this past spring I asked pastors to anonymously evaluate my ministry. One interesting (and personally gratifying) result of the evaluation was that I discovered the majority of pastors read the GPS and want it to continue. 
I would be happy to add your email address to that list if you send it to me at jsweigart@ks-ne.org and ask to be added to the GPS distribution list.

Grace and peace,

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FYI - In our contiual quest to serve you better, moreopinion polls are begining across the Division with focus on Ministerial Directors and Women Clergy.

Praying for and laying hands on Elder & Mrs. Dennis Ross in their retirement. (Southern Union Minsiterial/Evangelism Director)
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