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Popular Fundraising Handbook Updated, Revised, Expanded

Successful Fundraising, the PSI-produced fundraising handbook first published two years ago, has been updated and revised, and additional chapters are now included in the 2015 edition.  This handbook is available through AdventSource and is affordable at $19.95.
The new chapters are in response to many inquiries regarding topics such as grant proposal writing, the effect of fundraising on tithe and offerings, in-kind and non-philanthropic support, recognition, and several other topics.  The handbook continues to be widely used and valued, according to feedback from PSI clients.  This expanded version will contain the original chapters which have been updated and revised. 
Although originally designed to be a resource for pastors, churches and their organizations, the handbook has proven to be a valuable resource for most other Adventist organizations.  Along with it comes PSI advice and consulting (on-site, if possible), additional resource materials, and other programs described on PSI’s website,