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Best Practices for Adventist Evangelism - August 21, 2015
August 21, 2015
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Editorial: A Conspiracy in North America  (Part 2)

by Jose Cortes Jr.
Pastor Jose Cortes Jr
I envision the day when our church will be known for our Compassion and Love for humanity rather than for the things we oppose. The day when this happens we will be in great historic company, we'll be in the company of Jesus. Jesus was known for loving people of all walks of life and backgrounds, as He walked this earth. Once, while talking to His disciples Jesus said: "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another" (John 13:35). This is not just a call for church unity among believers, this pronouncement extends His love way beyond that, and explains why people felt drawn to Him. People gravitated towards Jesus because they felt safe and loved in His presence.
I have a deep conviction that a Conspiracy of Compassion is perhaps one of the biggest needs of the Adventist Church in North America.
Is Your Church Visitor Friendly? 
A church employee experiences what it's like to be a visitor 
Why it took a move far from home for a church employee to realize how easily it would be to stop going to church and what we should be doing to welcome guests and new members.
How is this affecting our church membership? What about our young people and grown children? How are we welcoming, befriending and authentically connecting with new members and converts? What if someone who smells like cigarette smoke visits our church? Do we befriend them? 
*This article was written by a Church Employee, the spouse of a Church Administrator, who candidly talks about her journey in the church.  
Evangelism Shark Tank Update #1 - Pastor Mike Dauncey, Aldergrove Adventist Church, British Columbia Conference, Canada
Mike Dauncey is the Associate Pastor for Outreach at the Aldergrove Adventist Church in British Columbia, Canada. He was one of the three First Place Winners of the Evangelism Shark Tank at the NAD CALLED Convention in Austin, Texas. His Church received $20,000.00 for the Extreme Home Repair Evangelism Initiative, which he presented.
The Aldergrove Adventist Church is one of the leading churches in North American in reaching the community through Acts of Kindness (AOK) and out of the box evangelism, ministering to the needs of the people. One of their very notable initiatives is the Extreme Home Repair.
During his Evangelism Shark Tank presentation Pastor Mike played this 5 minute amazing video, take a moment to watch, share it with your church, and let your creative juices flow as you and your congregation explore different ways to reach people in your community for Jesus
Shark Tank EHR Vid
For more info, feel free to visit the Aldergrove Adventist Church website: www.aldergrovesda.org/
and to e-mail Pastor Mike Dauncey: pastordauncey@gmail.com
 Photos taken by Pastor Timothy Floyd
Evangelism Shark Tank Report 
NAD Called Ministerial Conference, Tuesday June 30, 2015
Evangelism Shark Tank Report
NAD Called Ministerial Convention, Tuesday June 30, 2015
The Evangelism Huddle - Save the Date


Transformational Evangelism Funds - Up to $50,000.00

Transformational Evangelism Funding is available for innovative, grace-oriented, and incarnational initiatives which take into account the needs of the community and involve ways to address them with the Compassion of Jesus. The funding is for initiatives proposing a sustainable cycle, and a tangible transformation of lives, rather than a one-time evangelism event. Project proposals will need to be submitted through the local Union. Applications will be accepted by NAD as long as funds are available. 
For more info on Transformational Evangelism and to access grant application, please click here:  Transformational Evangelism 

11 Adventist Churches in the Capital Region of the State of New York came together to be the Eyes, Heart, Hands, & Feet of Jesus in Albany and its surrounding communities. Many groups like this have been out since Wednesday, showing God's love in practical ways
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Forty-four women, including 15 high school, college and seminary students, attended
"At the Master's Feet: A Time for Affirmation, Connection and Education" retreat
Sligo Church on August 20, 2015.

Photo by Richard Castillo

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