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CALLED 3rd Quarter 2015 - web version

Where were you when God called you into ministry? Maybe your call was a mighty shout from heaven. Perhaps your call was a slow steady affirmation from on high. What did you experience? What were you feeling?
In the latest issue of CALLED digital magazine we ask twelve pastors to relive their call for us. Each story comes in three versions. First there is a five minute video piece condensing the story into a short interview. Next there is the written version of the story, which summarizes the narrative arc. Finally there is the full uncut version of the video interview.
For some the call was a shout from heaven, and for others, a still small voice. Richie Halversen shares his bitter battle with addiction and how his utter reliance on God paved the way for ministry. David Franklin tells how God answered all of his prayers, but showed David a way that far exceeded his prayers.  Jaime Pombo recounts how God validated him not only as a human being but as a servant of God. Lori Farr explains how God spoke to her in very concrete ways about how He had a second career in ministry waiting for her. Marvin Wray reveals reflects upon a  lifetime of service to a God who loves people. Rodlie Ortiz remembers in graphical detail the ways that God used get his attention.  These are just half of the dozen stories in this edition of CALLED digital magazine.
But before you look at any of the stories watch the three minute film entitled ‘Hearts Afire,’ written and directed by award winning filmmaker Jason Satterlund. As you watch, see which character you can relate to, as each responds to his or her call.
CALLED digital magazine for pastors is available to read on most popular smart devices including tablet devices such as iPad and Android. An increasing number of phones are able to display the magazine as well. Do a search for “NAD Resources” on the Apple app store or Google Play and install the NAD Resource app. From there you can download current and past issues of CALLED with no subscription fee. If you prefer to read the magazine on computer you are free to download the interactive pdf or click on the article links below to read online.
Wherever and however your call came to you, I praise God that you answered that call and serve as a pastor in the Seventh-day Adventist church.