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Comfort for the Day: Your New Grief Ministry Resource

By Karen Nicola

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your church members knew how to minister to those who mourn? Wouldn’t it be a blessing of hope and healing for them to confidently assist others through their  losses? So, in addition to personal grief coaching and my book, Comfort for the Day, I am a grief educator who raises awareness for those on the outside of grief who are looking in and wondering what to do and say.

Comfort for the Day is the title of my book and the seminars that I facilitate. You can find Comfort for the Day on Facebook and at where I offer ongoing short articles for both the broken hearted AND those who want to learn how to better support them.

I have provided Sabbath seminars across the NAD, with positive responses and results. The Comfort for the Day Seminar is highly interactive, with groups of six working together to discover, learn and develop a bereavement care plan. One afternoon may be enough to bring a new care-giving ministry into being for a congregation. It can be the start of powerfully and effectively equipping members to minister to the grieving. Here’s what others are saying:

·      "I liked the small group format."

·      I thought it was an excellent workshop. I pray to be a blessing to those in pain. I wish the whole church family could experience this seminar!"

·      I have learned not to run and be uncomfortable with other people's tears. Just because I don't cry doesn't mean that other people aren't allowed to. I can accept people for who they are."

·      I enjoyed the interaction of the individuals in my group. I gained personal growth and it was a good review. Thanks"

One church in Northern California has decided to give the book, Comfort for the Day to households in their community who are experiencing life after the death of a loved one. They follow the local obituaries, then stop by with a gift of the book and pray with that family or individual. Another church recognized its limitations to minister to a single mother after the suicidal death of her youngest son, so they arranged for a grief coach to support her through the first year. This gift of coaching saved this woman’s life. The possibilities of stepping into another’s pain are endless. Comfort for the Day is here to help you help your congregation learn how to become renowned comforters to the hurting world around them.

Please contact me to arrange a Sabbath Comfort for the Day Seminar in your church and to purchase a supply of Comfort for the Day books to guide the bereaved through their seasons of grief. or 530-260-3618 cell.


Karen Nicola is a grief counselor and educator living in Cloverdale, CA