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Urgent Need for Volunteers in Micronesia and Marshall Islands
At the beginning of the 2015-16 school year, Guam-Micronesia Mission urgently needed to fill 54 positions in their eight island schools. Thanks to several volunteers from the North American Division, as well as other divisions, who have answered the call, that number is down to 43. However, this still represents a great need, and many of the schools are stretched thin with   temporary help to start the school year, and await volunteers to fill these positions. The greatest needs are currently on the islands of Ebeye (Marshall Islands),Yap, and Chuuk (Micronesia),  although other islands still have several open positions as well.
The NAD Office of Volunteer Ministries is seeking volunteers between age 18 and 70 with one year of college, baptized members of the Adventist church and committed followers of Jesus, and who are able to fund their own airline ticket. The mission school will provide volunteers with accommodations, a modest living allowance, and accident/illness travel insurance. Positions available include classes in both elementary and high school levels, and volunteers are expected to commit to a full school-year (approximately 10 months).
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More information:; 301-680-6493
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