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​YOU Make it Possible to Restore a (Hungry) Child for Halloween
Americans will spend this month 7.4 Billion US Dollars on candy and costume for themselves and their dogs and cat. YOU can feed one child for .50 cents a day.

 The annual Description: event according to Isaiah 58 will start second week in October World Hunger Month.  You can feed and Restore a Child during Halloween by participating in the  Description: . The highlight of the event will be the actual fast on Sabbath, November 14, 2015 World Orphans' weekend. We must be in the lead and not lag behind most evangelical churches who commemorate World Orphans Day in a big way every year.
Watch the NEW 60-sec video produced by NAD Education. NAD Ministerial produced a 2-minute video earlier and is doing a new one soon. Download the tool kit/Activities, do fast poster of your choice at  
During October we encourage you to sacrifice one meal a week at a restaurant ($12) and help feed a starving child for up to four months in some countries
Zachary Gately from Bere Adventist Hospital and Nutrition Center in the poorest country in the world,Chad,  sent a thank you email because Restore a Child helped them save 1,400 starving children in 2015.

View this short 62-sec video with inspiring success stories. YOUR gifts are literally saving thousands of lives of starving children. Be part of this miracle NOW.
We encourage ALL church pastors to participate in the Description: By this YOU you fulfill the Biblical mandate to “defend orphans” which is what “do” stands for.