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Yolanda Smith, is the Ministerial Spouse Director of the Southern Union Conference.  Besides parenting two (now adult) children, Yolanda has enjoyed a teaching profession and serving as a Bible instructor.                                                   

Grace in Living Color   (pdf)                             
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“The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him, and delivereth them.”  Psalms 34:7

The day dawned a sunny, summer New York morning. My two children, Dawn, age 6 and, Ronald, age 3, were excited because they would be going to visit their cousins in Virginia. They scurried around, gathering all of the toys and games they wanted to bring with them. As it was time to leave, my husband said “Let’s have prayer.” He prayed for the angels to protect our car and all those who would be travelling on the highways and safe arrival.

We knew that it would take us eight hours to reach my sister’s house, so the children settled themselves in the back seat of our black Mercedes to enjoy the long ride. We made a few of our normal stops at the different rest areas to refresh ourselves. My husband, Ron, yawned as he looked over to me and said, “I’m getting sleepy. Can you drive the last 4 hours?”

“Sure!” I replied. He pulled over on the side of the road, and we exchanged places. As usual, I slipped off my shoes as I drive in my bare feet. After making sure that I was safe on the highway, Ron closed his eyes to rest.

I had been driving for about 45 minutes when I noticed a little odor which I did not think was of any consequence. Nevertheless, I touched my husband and said, “Oh honey, I smell something.”

He woke up, sat straight up, and commanded, “Pull over right now!”

“PULL OVER NOW!” he repeated and his urgency was unmistakable so I obeyed.

As the car was stopping Ron ordered, “Everyone, out of the car, NOW!” As we each lifted a child out of the back seat, smoke began billowing out from under the hood of the car. Ron yelled, “RUN! THE CAR IS ABOUT TO BLOW UP!”

Clutching our precious children close, we began running down the freeway. Within seconds we heard a loud explosion. Looking back we saw the car engulfed in flames. Shock, dizziness, and a Description: http://www.nadministerial.org/site/1/Newsletter/Spouses/Dawn-RonaldSmith_400.jpgprofound gratitude swept over me. Leaning against a guardrail at a safe distance, I realized that I was seeing the grace and protection of Jesus in living color. 

Many cars along the highway stopped and offered assistance; someone called the fire department. In a few minutes they arrived, although not in time to save our car. The children began crying. My daughter said, “We’ll never make it to auntie’s house.”

I said to the children “the Lord will provide a way.” We stopped at that moment and offered a “thank you” prayer. When the fire was finally put out by the fire department, we thought to ourselves, “the car is totaled and everything in it is lost.” As I looked at the driver’s seat, I noticed that my shoes were melted to the floor. Everything was destroyed—that is, everything except my purse and my husband’s wallet. As the fireman handed them to me, he expressed his amazement. We were able to call for a tow truck to come and get the car, and call my sister to come and pick us up.

As we arrived at my sister’s house, we looked at our watches and realized that even though we had gone through that traumatic experience, we still arrived at our destination in a reasonable amount of time. I thought about the prayer of my husband, asking God to encamp His angels round about us, and marveled that He did just that. This experience was another confirmation for my family that God’s goodness and mercy was very personal and truly endures forever!