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New Fundraising Resource for Adventist Congregations
Are you planning a building project—a new church, addition, school building, or Community Service building? Do you wonder how you should go about getting the funds? Does it seem like your campaign for funds goes on forever? Are your members or constituents tired of talking about money? If you have these questions and probably many others, this handbook published by NAD Philanthropic Service for Institutions and distributed by AdventSource may be for you.
Much has changed from the simpler times when giving to churches and their programs was taken for granted, when members could be counted on to give because “God said so,” and when there was less competition for both the spiritual as well as material attention of constituents. Seventh-day Adventist pastors and ministry leaders understand that “we’ve always done it that way,” is an adage that no longer works. They are looking for more responsible and credible ways to raise money.
Beginning with the question Where do I start? And moving through the process of raising money responsibly, this handbook is designed to help churches avoid pitfalls and raise money successfully, in ways that work today.
Read this handbook to find:
  • Tips for grounding fundraising in good stewardship
  • A basis and fundamental understanding of fundraising for faith-based organizations
  • Information on specific strategies and campaigns
  • Fundraising components and principles that are the basis of successful campaigns—worksheets included Guidelines for conducting a building or renovation campaign
  • When to use a fundraising consultant and how to select one
  • A careful look at the legal aspects of raising funds for projects
This handbook will help you in your journey toward accomplishing your church’s goals, whether they include a project, campaign, or ongoing financial support. You can purchase a copy from AdventSource

But wait, there's more! Here's an offer from PSI:

This book comes with PSI's assistance. We sincerely request that you contact us to discuss your plans. The handbook is not designed to be a stand-alone resource but one that entitles you to seek PSI's assistance. We encourage you to take advantage of this no-cost offer. We will talk to you by phone, send additional materials, make referrals to other professionals or organizations as feasible (such as consultants), and even come on-site if desired and possible. We want to help you maximize the use of this volume. So please contact PSI at Lorena.Hernandez@nad.adventist.org and we will respond as soon as possible. Also, please look at our website, http://www.philanthropicservice.com/ for much more information. We have a dynamic website that includes webinars, a list of PSI resources, an annotated bibliography, and links as well as announcements, articles and much more."

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