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Imelda Arreola, PhD, is a pastor's wife, health educator, and former state university professor. She serves as the Asian/Pacific Shepherdess coordinator for the North American Division, and works with her husband ministering to the 25 Asian language groups. She writes, speaks at events, and loves to garden as her hobby.

Asian /Pacific Shepherdess Ministry and Projects (pdf)

ACTIVITIES DONE (Past and Present)
  • Shoe Drive – shoes, new and slightly used, are collected to be sent to Southeast Asian countries
  • Organic Gardening – vegetables are sold, and proceeds are used to fund other projects
  • Mushroom Farming – produce is sold, and proceeds are used to fund other activities
  • Car Wash – advertised to the community, young and old work together, and proceeds are used to fund other activities
  • Feeding the Homeless – young and old are involved
  • Children’s Evangelistic Series – young and old work together in the different committees to mobilize the event
  • Language School – locals from different countries are taught by those that speak English and their mother tongue to make the immigrants in the US smoother.
  • Refugees Ministry – help the refugees in any way possible to get adjusted and settled in their new environment.
PROJECTS (Present and Future)
  • Asian/Pacific Pastors’ Wives Recipe Book – A/P Pastors’ wives from different ethnic groups contribute recipes from their respective countries of origin: Specialties in Appetizers, Entrees, & Desserts. This will be published by the NAD Asian/Pacific Shepherdess Ministry. Recipe books will be sold, and proceeds will subsidize the expenses of the future projects.
  • Asian/Pacific Pastors’ Wives Evangelistic Crusade (next project) – A/P Pastors’ wives work as a team to do an evangelistic crusade in one place. Expenses are subsidized by proceeds from A/P Recipe Book sale.
  • Asian/Pacific Food Festival – a gathering of different cultures with their respective gourmet cooking to get to know each other better.