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Best Practices Archive - 2007
  • 12/19/07 Best Practices
  • Pastor: Mike Fortune;
    Editor: Fading Adventist Orthopraxies;
    Video: Daughters of Abraham Book Club
  • 12/05/07 Best Practices
  • Editor: Not an Especially Good Sabbath;
    Book Review: A Church in Search of Itself: Benedict XVI and the Battle for the Future;
    Video: Seven Minutes or less;
  • 11/21/07 Best Practices
  • Pastor: Peter Casillas;
    Video: Religion on Campus
  • 11/7/07 Best Practices
  • Pastor: Jay Coon;
    Video: Sherman McCormick on worship;
    Back Talk: On Dressing for Church
  • 10/24/07 Best Practices
  • Editorial: Dressing for Church;
    Pastor: Gordon Anic;
    Video: Sam McKee, sports ministry;
    Book Review: Escape from the Flames, by Alden Thompson
  • 10/10/07 Best Practices
  • Vervent Innovative Church of the Year: David Jamieson, Aldergrove, BC;
    Book Review: The Next Christendom, by Phillip Jenkins
  • 9/26/07 Best Practices
  • Practitioner: Paul Mawela, South Africa;
    Book Review: Dangerous Wonder, by Mike Yaconelli;
  • 9/12/07 Best Practices
  • Practitioner: Matt Gamble;
    Book Review: From Membership to Discipleship, by Del Dunavant;
  • 08/29/07 Best Practices
  • Practitioner: Bryan Gallant;
    Responses to The Squarest of the Square;
    Video: John and Karen Cress
  • 08/15/07 Best Practices
  • Editorial: The Squarest of the Square on the Coolest of the cool;
    Practitioner: John McClarty;
    Product Review: Logos Software;
    Video: Freddy Russell
  • 08/01/07 Best Practices
  • Resources: BibleGateway.com;
    Practitioner: Mike Elias, Vallejo Drive
  • 07/18/07 Best Practices
  • Practitioner: Kevin Kuemichel;
    Responses to The Flag in Church;
    Book Review: Leadership on the Line
  • 07/04/07 Best Practices
  • Editorial: The Flag in Church;
    Book Review: Lost: Discovering Ways to Connect with the People Jesus Misses Most
  • 06/20/07 Best Practices
  • Practitioner: Jared Miller;
    Interview: with Dave Gemmell, The Meaning of Vervent;
    Book Review: Epic: The Story God Is Telling and the Role That Is Yours to Play,
  • 06/06/07 Best Practices
  • Practitioners: Marty Thurber;
    Editorial: Jerry Falwell, the Mixed Legacy of a Christian Leader
    Book Review: Generation to Generation: Family Process in Church and Synagogue,
  • 05/23/07 Best Practices
  • Practitioner: Mike Fortune;
    Editorial: Somewhere between comfort and change is a church we can live with