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Compassion 10 Million - #compassion10m

Compassion 10 Million is an opportunity for each Adventist member in North America to be involved in mission by becoming the Eyes, Heart, Hands, and Feet of Jesus inside and outside the walls of our homes and churches. It calls for Adventists across North America to collectively invest 10 million hours blessing our communities with intentional, repetitive, and relevant acts of love and service. This initiative provides the opportunity for everyone to be involved somehow. Preaching and teaching are also acts of compassion, yet not all of us may be able to preach or teach, but we can all reach.
Compassion Weekend (second weekend of every month): To create momentum, establish unity, and produce a greater effect, we are encouraging each church to set aside the second weekend of every month, making it a special time for intentional community outreach, attending to the needs of people in our neighborhoods. These weekends will serve as reminders of our mission and as an opportunity for all the Ministries of the Church to collaborate together under the umbrella of Transformational Evangelism. Just imagine 6,277 churches, taking time every second Sabbath, after the church service, and every second Sunday to go out into the community to show the love of God and the compassion of Jesus in practical ways.
Compassion Weekend Dates for 2016: January 9-10; February 13-14: March 12-13; April 9-10; May 14-15; June 11-12; July 9-10; August 13-14; September 10-11; October 8-9; November 12-13; December 10-11.
Funding for a Compassion Model Church in each Conference: $15,000.00 has been set aside in collaboration with the Unions and Conferences to support a Compassion Model Church per Conference (NAD $10,000.00 / Union $2,500.00 / Conference $2,500.00) - Application and Guidelines will be available shortly - Each Conference will select its Compassion Model Church.