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The Narrow Gate
We live in an increasingly divided age where political parties refuse to dialogue and govern for the common good; where cultural issues become incendiary weapons that inspire conflict and confrontation; where religion is mocked for its inability to effect change; where war is touted as the best way to resolve differences, and where many churches manifest the same divisions and hatreds within their own ranks that are in the world. Is it any wonder that so many question if there really is a God? They haven’t seen Him manifested among those who profess to know Him. 

This book is not a magic formula checklist of disciplines to master so we can be better Christians. It’s simply a tool to remind us of what it takes to be like Jesus in a broken age. The purpose of this guide is to promote positive interaction among people in general, and Seventh-day Adventist church members in particular. The content, which focuses on the meaning and importance of the Golden Rule, can be used over the course of 12 weeks (in mid-week services, small-group or Sabbath School settings), or in shorter, more concentrated venues.

Published by the Pacific Union Conference