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Mafgia: A Ministry for Post-Abortive Women
By Dianne Wagner
As we pulled up in front of the convention center in Austin, we really did not know what to expect from this particular group. It was the North American Division, Ministerial Conference. A year and a half earlier at GYC in Orlando, Esther Knott had invited us to come and be a part of it. “You need to be there.” Her invitation made an impression on us and we determined to go.

Here we were amongst the “shepherds” of our church, individuals who had committed their lives to the ministry of Jesus Christ and held a powerful influence on the lives of their congregations. Pastors, who are watched and scrutinized, critiqued and analyzed, listened to or ignored. Spouses who have had to learn to live with loneliness, sacrifice, little privacy, or how to be joyful even when her home life seemed to be falling apart. As we watched these couples come in, what first seemed to be a bit intimidating quickly changed. Their vulnerability to trials and weariness, apathy and depression, was very real. We found ourselves wanting to pray for each one of them.

This vulnerability was especially apparent when they visited our booth. Our ministry is named “Mafgia,” and we share a special burden for the sanctity of human life. Often we are asked if we are a pro-life movement. We would prefer to think of it as a “whole-life” movement. Our design, form, and value - all in the image of God, our Creator - is a gift placed in us, not earned or achieved. It is the realization of our intrinsic value, who we are, that has the profound effect on how we view ourselves, how we treat others, and how we perceive the unborn. Even though we are conceived in sin, with filth and besetments that conceal the glory of our Father, He sees untold worth in us. Worth that is proportionate to the sacrifice He has made on our behalf.

Mafgia is a Hebrew word for intercessor. We are committed to interceding for the sanctity of all human life, from conception to death of natural causes. We are also committed to interceding for women and men who, at some time in their lives, made the decision to abort a pregnancy and now live with shame and regret. If the devil can keep us in a place of shame, he knows we will never experience the full redemptive grace, reconciliation, and restoration that our Redeemer has made so freely available for us. Often he needs nothing more than silence to accomplish this. Just silence.

If he can keep us from talking about the reality of what abortion is, he knows many frightened young women and men will continue to choose it to get out of a crisis. Had the issue been discussed, abortion might never have been considered an option. Decades after an abortion, many post-abortive women and men are simply surviving, existing, without ever experiencing the full joy this life offers. They are tempted to believe that bad things happen to them as a punishment for their past decisions. They are tempted to believe that the LORD will never forgive them. Their relationships suffer; intimacy suffers; and self-loathing and abuse is common, while depression can be a constant battle. Only when the silence is broken can the spiritual and emotional healing begin.

It was very humbling to listen as individuals in leadership positions began to break their own silence by sharing stories of regret and pain; pastors who wanted to be perfect examples with perfect families in the eyes of their congregation, succumbing to the temptation to hide and abort a daughter’s pregnancy. The vulnerable confession of the way it felt to hold a newborn, a grand-child, that you had insisted be aborted while your daughter refused. The breath-taking sorrow of knowing a daughter went through her entire pregnancy, hiding her growing body from her mother and father because she was afraid to talk with them about it. To watch as tears well up in their eyes because someone they love and care about is broken and has never been the same since their decision to abort. The raw, vulnerable transparency we saw in our pastors and their wives was a continued affirmation that the Lord has given us this work: the work of breaking the silence, and once again, elevating the value of the human being.

The sobering reality is this: there are many Seventh-day Adventist Christians, leaders and laymen, liberals and conservatives, students and seniors, who are suffering because of abortion; and they are missing out on the full, redemptive joy that Jesus brings. Has a concern over dictating conscience held us back? Has the fear of coercion kept us from speaking? Is it possible we have unintentionally contributed to the silence?

We were blessed and encouraged at the ministerial conference and appreciated the support and enthusiasm for our ministry. Please consider us an educational and training resource regarding the value of human life, abortion and post-abortion trauma, and if you have an interest in scheduling a speaking engagement, we would love to hear from you. Contact us at

Dianne Wagner lives with her best friend and husband of 33 years, David, and is the mother of four grown children. Being a post-abortive woman, Dianne knows firsthand the crippling shame that comes from choosing abortion. She also knows the sweet, redemptive love of a Heavenly Father and Creator. Dianne is committed to encouraging other post-abortive women and men to finally address the pain that is so often stuffed away for years and experience being fully redeemed through Jesus Christ.