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About Us

Donna Jackson
NAD Ministerial Spouses Association Leader

Mission:    We exist to empower and support the NAD union and conference MSA (Shepherdess)  
                   leadership and ministerial spouses through networking,  resourcing, and training
Target group:
  • Spouses of employed pastors, departmental directors and administrators
  • Spouses of theology teachers
  • Spouses of theology students
  • Spouses of retired and deceased ministers
  • Spouses of military and civilian chaplains (medical facilities, academic institutions, prisons)



To assist the spouses of ministers in:
  1. Spiritual growth
  2. Clarification of their role as a minister’s spouse
  3. Development of a team ministry with spouse, uniquely suited to her/his own interests and abilities
  4. Finding fellowship and a support system
  5. Developing stronger relationships with spouse and children
  6. Understanding and supporting their children to flourish in their environment

Values: Spirit-led …