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"Who Sends Their Employees to Bermuda for Two Days?”
By John Grys

This question was posed to Ivan Williams (Ministerial Director, NAD) by a passenger as he traveled to join John Grys (Associate Ministerial Director, NAD) in Bermuda, where they spent two days meeting with conference leadership and their pastors.
The purpose of the meeting was to strengthen the relationship between NAD Ministerial and the local field, in this case, the Bermuda Conference. This conference is comprised of 11 churches and one company. The trip included intentional time to meet with conference leadership before and after the joint gathering of conference leadership and pastors.
Elder Williams and Elder Grys shared at the joint meeting the Pathways to Ministry track created by the North American Division to better serve the development of the pastor throughout this territory. Specifically, both were able to assist the pastors in logging into the ALC (Adventist Learning Community) website where they could begin recording their own personal continuing education practices, as well as helping them to understand how the Division can be supportive to their development as people and professionals.
The Bermudian group was introduced to the Core 7 Qualities and how the development of each of these qualities could assist them in their growth. And the Administrators were updated as to the development of the 360 Feedback Loop, a pilot instrument created to assist in the assessment of pastors and congregations as a means of growth. Those present understood that not only will the Division encourage pastors to grow but is intentional in providing resources and platforms through which that growth can occur.
The leadership serving that territory is Dr. Kenneth Manders, President; Pastor Dejuan Tull, Executive Secretary; Elder W. Aaron M. Spencer, Treasurer; and Dr. Sydney Gibbons, Ministerial Secretary. Perhaps what is unique to this conference of almost 4,000 members is that each conference official also serves as a pastor in a local church.
However, let’s not allow words on a screen to tell the story of Bermuda. Here is a Periscope capture of a brief interview with those present.
Let us keep Bermuda in our prayers as they face the challenges of a declining economy as well as the challenges they face in bringing the message into an increasingly secular society.