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Faith Alive
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My Life in Savoonga - Daily life in Savoonga is about survival therefore you must plan ahead for not just tomorrow but for next month by making sure you do not run out of supplies and resources.

Impacting Your Community with a Prayer Breakfast! - We just had an outstanding thing happen in Hiawassee, Georgia. Generally we spend May 1, the National Day of Prayer, in Washington, D.C. Rather than go to the observance of this special day in Washington, D.C., we decided to stay home this year and do something locally.

The Attitude of Gratitude - The Bible tells the story of our distant cousins, the Israelites who were led out of bondage in Egypt by God’s own hand on a journey to the promised land. In spite of all the amazing and miraculous events that saved their lives as they dragged their baggage out of Egypt, they yearned to return to bondage and oppression.

Grace in Living Color - He woke up and sat straight up and commanded, “Pull over right now!” “PULL OVER NOW!” he repeated and his urgency was unmistakable so I obeyed. As the car was stopping Ron ordered, “Everyone, out of the car, NOW!”

Receiving With Grace - Cheryl Knowles attended a Pastor's Wives retreat in 2008. During her personal devotions time, she read a passage from the Desire of Ages. This is her response to that passage...

My Faithful God - Becky Johnson, from the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada, shares how God provided for her family's needs as a child and how His faithfulness then inspires her to trust Him now.

A Faith Journey - Paula Johnson and Shonice Mitchell recently participated in a candid interview about Shonice's faith journey.

God's Word Is for Everyone! - Sandi Case, a ministry spouse for more than 45-plus years, shares her testimony of how God's Word offers hope and makes an incredible difference in her life.