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Elizabeth Talbot - Women's Clergy Retreat
From September 11-14, 2016, the North American Division Ministerial Association and Adventist Chaplaincy Ministry sponsored a retreat for all women who have sensed the call of God to ministry. Over 150 women pastors and chaplains attended this powerful event, providing support to each other, praising God together, and experiencing the love and support of their colleagues.
As part of our attempt in the Ministerial Association to give you a word in due season, we wanted to further provide support for all our women pastors and chaplains by providing this presentation as a source of encouragement. Presented by Pastor Elizabeth Talbot, we hope and pray that each of you will find strength from this message as you continue to serve our Lord and Savior faithfully in the field where He has placed you. Through the story of Miriam, this powerful message will bring hope, confidence, courage, and direction to each of you in the coming days ahead.

You can contact Elizabeth Talbot from her website,