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Social Network Portals-MSA website with links to Facebook and Twitter for prayer, ministry sharing, articles. video clips, podcasts, etc. from ministerial spouses in every union/conference -in collaboration with union & conference MSA Leadership         (beginning 2011)

The establishment and strengthening of union and conference ministery to pastoral spouses with the creation and training of a resource on How to Start and Maintain a Ministry to Pastor's Spouses in collaboration with the union and conference MSA leaders.               (beginning 2012)
Sacred Family Circle initiative for ministerial families experiencing challenges such as marital, child/parent,addictions, same- gender attraction, eating disorders, etc. in collaboration with Family, Prayer, Youth, Children’s, Health & Stewardship Depts.(beginning 2012) New pastoral spouses gift package - electronic resource creation and training for union/conference MSA leaders - in collaboration with the SDA Theological Seminary Shepherdess leadership, Regional Conference Shepherdess leadership and Hispanic leadership (beginning 2012)
Affirmation and support of pastoral children role-modeling initiatives and the creation of program templates for minister's children--in collboration with GC & NAD Ministerial Depts. and NAD Childrne's Minsitries and Youth Depts.      (beginning 2012) A mentoring of new pastoral spouses resource and training DVD and handbook to be created and training implemented with union/conf. MSA leadership-in collaboration with union MSA leaders, SDA Theol. Seminary Shepherdess leadership, and NAD Minsiterial Dept. (beginning 2013)
Keeping it Real: Inspiration & Encouragement for Ministerial Spouses- TV program and DVD resources-in collaboration with Ministerial Dept. and Hope Channel TV (2011 on) Ministry outreach   involvement in evangelism and humanitarian projects within NAD and abroad- in collaboration with unions, Share Him, Hope for Humanity, and GC Shepherdess (beginning 2013)