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Best Practices to Go Weekly
Best Practices, the email newsletter from NAD Ministerial, will soon be going weekly according to publisher Ivan Williams. “I’m excited about the expansion of the Best Practices newsletter family to include special editions for ministerial directors, and pastoral evangelists. The expansion will allow us to deliver very specific resources for our different pastoral roles. ”

Starting in May the new lineup is as follows:
First Week: Best Practices for Ministerial Director
     Editor: Ivan Williams
Second Week Best Practices for Adventist Ministry
     Editor: Loren Seibold
Third Week: Best Practices for Adventist Evangelism
     Editor: Shawn Boonstra
Fourth Week: Best Practices for Adventist Ministry
     Editor: Loren Seibold
Fifth Week: Best Practices for Adventist Worship
     Editor: Nick Zork

Subscripts are free of charge and subscribers are welcome to register for any or all of the newsletters.

The newsletters are scheduled to arrive late Sunday night of every week according to managing editor Dave Gemmell. Recently Best Practices readers responded to a one question survey and Monday received the most votes. The Best Practices mailing list was divided up equally in seven parts and identical surveys went out each of the seven days of the week to one seventh of the Best Practices mailing list. Ironically more surveys were opened on Saturday although Saturday was the least favorite day selected to receive the email.  This may be a good demonstration of the ‘halo effect’ said Paul Richardson, Reconnecting Ministries director for NAD. “People sometimes answer in a survey what they think the correct answer should be and not necessarily what they practice.”

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