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North American Evangelism: Important Information

Something important will be landing on your desk soon.

Each year, the ministerial team at the North American Division is inundated with requests to support evangelistic projects -- far more than we can realistically fund.  But many of the proposals are worthy of support, so we’d like to see pastors get the help they need.  

Additionally, we’re also working on some new evangelistic resources specifically for use by pastors.  For example:

The Open Source Bible Study – An online, account-based set of basic Bible studies for pastors to use in baptismal classes, personal Bible study, etc. You’ll be able to modify content to suit your needs, and the system will create professionally-themed lessons for your use.

Brand-New Evangelistic Sermons and Graphics – Updated for the 21st century, these will be more user-modifiable than products of the past.

Contemporary Sermon Illustration Database – Fresh, up-to-date sermon illustrations that use current events and stories to present key Adventist beliefs.

A Mentoring Community – Where seasoned pastors and evangelists can provide support, inspiration and growth opportunities to those just getting started.

We want to support evangelism across the Division, and we need your help to make these things a reality.  This year, the first NAD evangelism offering is slated for June 30, and we’d love it if you could help us.  By the middle of June (and prayerfully sooner), you’ll be receiving a resource DVD from NAD Ministerial that includes a short video offering appeal that can be used in churches on June 30 (both in English and Spanish), as well as copy for bulletin announcements.  

Pretty please: would you watch for the DVD, and check it out when it arrives?  We know you get a lot of stuff landing on your desk this week, but you'd be doing us - and pastors across the Division - a huge favor by taking the time to look. It’s the best shot we have at becoming more effective at supporting you in the field!!!