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Focus: Continuing Education for Pastors
     Being a member of the clergy today is very involved work. In a very busy, pre-occupied society, we are charged with building a community for the kingdom of heaven. We work with people in the midst of personal crisis and grief, trying to balance their need for compassion with our need for perspective. For our own health, and the health of our congregations, we need time for rest, reflection, and learning.
     "Continuing education, whether pursued during a sabbatical, or shoe-horned somehow into our crowded schedules, can be one source of renewal. Sometimes we need to focus on the practical, how-to issues of ministry. At other times, we may need to step back and "relearn" the faith and traditions that first drew us into ministry."
     Continuing Education for NAD Ministerial is a real focus. What are the elements that contribute to a pattern of life-long learning? What resources are available in classrooms, small groups, retreats, and even electronically? It would be great to hear your suggestions on Facebook.   Click on the Discuss link at the top header.