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Welcome to the first edition of the NAD Ministerial Spouses Association newsletter
Welcome, friend, to the first edition of the NAD Ministerial Spouses Association electronic, bi-monthly newsletter!

Scripture articulates succinctly the purpose for this newsletter, which we have embraced: “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up…” (1 Thessalonians 5:11 NIV). 
Within our community of approximately 3,900 NAD Adventist ministerial spouses, there is rich diversity. Our division spans approximately 10,000 miles from east to west (Newfoundland and Bermuda to Guam), more than 4,000 miles north to south (Ellesmere Island in Canada to the Micronesian islands), and across 20 time zones. Add to that the diversities of race, ethnicity, age, personality, gifts, careers, interests, ministries and both genders. I’m enthusiastic that we have the opportunity to strengthen and unify our diverse community with this newsletter!

There will always be those in our community to celebrate with and those who urgently need God’s encouraging touch. In fact, all of us, at some time during our journey, will be confused, hurting and, possibly, disillusioned. Likewise, all of us, at another time, will be vibrant with faith, hope and vigor for life.
Though it was many years ago, I well remember when my husband and I struggled with some seemingly insurmountable problems. From nowhere appeared  (twice) God’s special human "messengers" who brought strength into our lives.
God gives us opportunities to return His goodness. On a summer day, a few years ago, I felt the impression that I should take a large sum of cash to a young neighbor whose husband was battling an inoperable brain tumor. I selfishly started listing the "logical" reasons why this was a poor idea, but the impression strengthened. That evening, I knocked on Lisa’s door bearing flowers, a gift and a card concealing the cash. She gasped and was almost speechless.

The next day Lisa knocked on my door. She shared that when she first got her husband’s prognosis, her aunt told her that God would send angels to help, but Lisa could not believe her. "I wondered, How will I ever get through this? My child is not even one year old. Yesterday was my birthday, and I was very depressed; everything looked dark. I did not know how to go on. Then you came. Now, I believe what my aunt said is true.”

I marveled at how God used a simple impression to build up His broken, distraught daughter. 

Though our physical distances may prevent us from sharing such uplifting, close encounters, the gift of electronic communication allows us to touch those in our community that we otherwise would never be able to encounter. This newsletter is intended to deliver strength and encouragement electronically!
Friends, let’s cross-pollinate the spiritual richness and diverse expertise that exists in our unique community of ministerial spouses. Let’s celebrate the best of what is happening amongst us. Together we can provide a support network for our most vulnerable members as we encourage and build one another up, thus bringing glory to the Father of us all.  

On a final note, we’re blessed to have as co-editor of this newsletter, Diane Thurber. She is a ministerial spouse, Rocky Mountain Conference Ministerial Spouses Association leader, and the Lake Union Conference assistant communication director and managing editor of the Lake Union Herald magazine.

Let the connection begin! 

Your sister,

Donna Jackson
NAD Ministerial Spouses Association leader 

Donna Jackson
Editor, NAD Ministerial Association newsletter

Diane Thurber
Managing editor, NAD Ministerial Association newsletter