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Kansas-Nebraska Conference ministerial spouses blessed by retreat

What a wonderful time we had in fellowship and inspiration at our annual Kansas-Nebraska Ministerial Spouses Retreat! The retreat took place Mar. 9-12, 2012. It was great to have Donna Jackson, NAD Ministerial Spouses Association leader, with us as our speaker.

On Friday evening, Donna shared, "Who Do You Say I am?" Her message was a look at the historical Jesus who walked and talked on this Earth. The Sabbath morning topic was "In Jesus' Steps." Donna gave us a brief introduction to four stations, which had been prepared for us. At each we prayed quiet, focused prayer on certain topics: "Martha's Kitchen" (priorities), "Empty Tomb" (victory over sin), "Spring of Living Water" (accepting all that God wants to give us, so we never thirst again) and "Nativity & Our Family Pictures" (prayers for blessing our families). It was a powerful, meaningful time of prayer and meditation!

On Sabbath afternoon, we spent some time discussing ministry questions and concerns. It helps to know we all have challenges, and it is such a blessing to know others care and understand!

Grand Island, Neb., just happens to be on the migratory path of the Sand Hill Cranes. The migration was in progress, so those of us who wanted to drove out in the country for some fresh air, sunshine and a look at these magnificent birds God has created. Before we found the cranes, we happened upon a field of fake Snow Geese, complete with sound effects!

On Sabbath evening, Donna divided our group into two smaller groups, provided us with a script, and challenged both groups to reenact the story of "The Prodigal Daughter (Son)." It was great to see how the ladies brought the ancient story to life with their acting and modern-day applications, Each group brought the story closer to home in meaning and challenged us to see ourselves in this story.

Saturday evening was a fun time of fellowship and laughing as some ladies swam, sat in the hot tub, visited or watched some hilarious videos by Jeanne Robertson and others.

On Sunday morning, during Donna's topic, "Ways to Connect with Jesus,"she not only shared contrasting methods of Bible study, but also had us paint something that gave us "joy" in our lives as a way to connect with Jesus as well.

The ladies had a great time and are looking forward to our next year's retreat! Thanks, Donna, for the insights and blessings you gave us as well as just being there to fellowship with us!


Retreat highlights shared by Sue Carlson
Kansas-Nebraska Conference Ministerial Spouses Association leader