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The Power of Mentorship--Pastor Krystalynn Martin
By Rika Meyer

“It feels weird to count my baptisms; it’s just not who I am.  There are countless people who are a part of this kid’s journey-I just get to be the one to ‘pull the grain’,” she says. 
Pastor Krystalynn Martin, pastor of a boarding school church believes that her true calling is to mentor students to become followers of Christ.  Throughout the past ten years, her students have fed the homeless, preached in the streets, and freed slaves around the year.  Her challenge to her students?  "BE the change in the world today."
This season comes around every year.  The school year is beginning, church elders are getting back together again, and for Pastor Krystalynn Martin, this is the time when she really starts getting excited.  Her church is coming back to school.
Krystalynn has been pastoring at Rio Lindo Adventist Academy Church for almost a decade.  Her unique position as a pastor at an Adventist boarding school requires her to set the spiritual tone for almost two hundred attendees not just on Sabbath but during the week as well. 
Krystalynn teaches religion classes, coordinates worships, gives Bible studies daily, and keeps her office open for students to drop by for some encouragement or just to play guitar.  The thing that brings Krystalynn and her husband, Steve, back each year is the yearning to mentor students; to see them discover their gifts and begin to put those gifts into action.
“The moment that sparkles for me is when I see students realize that God can use them and then they begin living out their spiritual gifts,” Krystalynn says.
Students at Rio are able to live out their gifts through all sorts of means.  Pastor Krystalynn and Steve have introduced students to Open Table Ministries, a quarterly day spent in a nearby town where students minister to homeless people through music, preaching, clothing drives, and bike repair. 
Over the course of Krystalynn’s junior religion class, she challenges her students to learn Adventist doctrines, Daniel and Revelation and how to defend those beliefs as well.  Then she gives an assignment called “Be the Church” in which students discover their spiritual gifts and create a project to change something in the world using their gifts.  This assignment spurred one group to package leftover cafeteria food from Sabbath lunch and deliver it weekly to area homeless and migrant workers.  Another group collected enough money from their friends to free a child slave from India through the organization, International Justice Mission.
Krystalynn isn’t interested in discussing her own accomplishments as a pastor.  Although she has baptized hundreds of young people over the years, she hasn’t kept careful track. 
“It feels weird to count my baptisms; it’s just not who I am.  There are countless people who are a part of this kid’s journey-I just get to be the one to ‘pull the grain’,” she says. 
Krystalynn’s role in many of these kids’ lives is life-changing.  She has challenged them to seek God for themselves, pushed them to face their fears, and carefully guided many to become devoted followers of Christ.  Her undeniable calling is to empower each individual to be a minister for God, no matter their age, race, or gender and she answers that call each and every day.