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Reconnecting Greeting Cards
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There are many things that can cause people to stop attending church. Something may have changed at work. They may be traveling for an extended period of time. They may be burned out or be physically exhausted. They may not like the pastor or another member. Someone at church may have offended them. The list goes on and on.

The things that keep people coming to church are warm relations with other members and attendees. People tend to go where they are valued and loved. Every church should have an intentional plan for how to encourage and support members who are missing or away for long periods of time. 

If it is determined that someone is away because they have been offended or mistreated, what are you going to do besides pray?

Pacific Union Confernece Church Support Services has developed a special greeting card that can be personalized and sent to a non-attending, or former member. The key word here is "personalized." These are not designed for mass distribution. They require someone sitting down and writing a personal note on them that conveys a message to the recipient that an Adventist member still thinks and cares about them.

There are two different covers, but the text on each card is the same. See note below about availability and how to obtain samples.

Card A (outside cover)   Card A (inside cover)
Card B (outside cover)   Card B (inside cover)

Quantities can be purchased directly from Pacific Union Conference Church Support services at their cost of .84 per card evelope set, plus shipping.

To order, or ask questions, contact: css@puconline.org

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