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Michigan Conference Ministry Spouses Group Grows

Ministry Spouses is an active group in the Michigan Conference. At each Ministry Retreat, the spouses have meetings of their own. Active Child care (walks, trips to the lake, programming) is provided, so all spouses can attend the meetings.

At a recent retreat, Kathie Lichtenwalter, Ministry Spouses president, with her involved committee planned a day of breakout groups, which included "Stress Management for Ministry Spouses," by Laurie Snyman; "Getting in the Word," by Shirley Holmes; "Feeding a Crowd," by Linda Nelson; and "Understanding Taxes and Finances," by Linda Gallimore.

The next day, the ministry spouses got involved in the following breakout groups: "Parents of Teens," "Parents of Tots," "Adult Children of Older Adults" and "Pinching Pennies." Those groups went well, too.

The third day, ministry spouses shared their difficult experience and how God led them through situations like the death of a child, a child in prison, a divorced child and the death of a spouse. Many tears were shed, but God got the glory in how He pulled the ministry spouses through the difficult situations.

There was a banquet decorated by the committee. There was an oriental theme with hanging lanterns and beautiful artifacts, which were brought by our Korean spouses and those who have been in the Orient. This year, we had a music program during the banquet; and last year, a talent show.


Camp meeting is a time when the ministry spouses get together. We all brought items we wished to get rid for an exchange. Each picked out items and shopped, selecting up to three items until everyone had chosen something. Then there was a free-for-all. What fun was had while the ministry spouses were treated to an endless salad bar and Latin cuisine made by our Hispanic ministry spouses. 

We want to incorporate everyone to have a part in our programs, and I think this has been particularly successful. For our services, we have a list of those with musical talents, and we were so blessed by the music throughout our retreat. We especially enjoy how talents can be enjoyed across the cultures.


Our next time together will be at a sleepover. We will stay at a house on a lake, and eat, fellowship and boat together. We look forward to getting to know each other better.


We just selected our new officers, and were thrilled to see how many people wanted to be volunteers. We know we have a good thing going, when people want to do their part. I am glad we are making a difference. We have seen about 60 people at our ministry spouse programs, and participation is growing.


We had a drawing for the Michigan Conference Mother-Daughter Banquet, which will be held in October, and two mothers and their daughters get to go free. There is also an opportunity for all ministry wives to go free to any women's ministry retreat. That is a real blessing!

Ministry highlights and photos shared by Laurie Snyman
Michigan Conference Ministerial Department assistant