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God's Desire for His Daughters
I praise God for the gift of life. Since the day I could remember, my parents always have told me how my life was spared miraculously three times — from birth to nine months of age. The Lord defied natural and scientific laws to give me life. My parents always concluded their testimony by saying, “God spared your life because He has a special mission for you.”

Growing up with such motivation, I admired my parents who dedicated their lives to God’s service. Consequently, as a pastor's kid, I grew up with a burning desire to serve God. My brothers and I grew up singing in the church, participating in children's Sabbath school, learning at the feet of Christian teachers in the Adventist schools, and receiving honors in the Adventurer club, Pathfinders club and Missionary Volunteers. We used to go in the community with our parents to collect Ingathering, give Bible studies and participate in prayer meetings at people homes, and we were involved in all of the church's activities. Around the age of 14 years old, I started to emerge as a spiritual leader and counselor with a passion for soul-winning. On Sabbath afternoon, my friends and I walked through the neighborhood. We visited people, prayed with them and gave away Christian magazines and tracts. Often, we helped handicapped senior citizens by cleaning their houses before leading out in worship with them.

When I was 17 years old, the youth of my church and I organized my first, weekly small group evangelistic series in the home of one of the single mothers of the church. The series resulted in one baptism. To God be the glory! Two years later, with the youth of the largest church of the Northern Mission of Haiti, we organized a three-month, nightly evangelistic series that resulted in 59 baptisms. Fulfilling the Great Commission has always been the underlying passion of all my activities. I have taught in Adventist academies for 35 years, where I not only invited the students to give their hearts to God but also to become soul-winners in their circle.

When I became a women’s ministries director, I asked God to give me a vision of what He wanted me to accomplish. He brought me back to evangelism, and reminded me that the largest army He has in the Church is comprised of women, and they need to get on board to fulfill His Great Commission. Hesitantly, I started reading Evangelism and Daughters of God, books by E. G. White, and other books, and I was sold out. I discovered that the ultimate goal of every department or ministry in the Church is soul-winning. I also discovered that every person who has given his or her life to Jesus should be a soul-winner. Then, I read that evangelism is the utmost mission of every woman; and to the women who understand this mission and who would let the Holy Spirit lead them, “God will give them a power that exceeds the power of men. They will be able to do in the families a work that men cannot do. They will reach hearts that man cannot reach, their work is needed” (Daughters of God, p. 19). Then I answered: “Please God, use me.”

Since that moment, I not only had a greater desire to preach the Gospel, but I felt empowered to ignite this desire in the heart of every woman on my path who has given her heart to Jesus. The Lord has used me, a humble servant, a timid woman and an unworthy creature to share the Gospel across continents in 35 evangelistic series and to see people give their lives to Jesus and be transformed. What a joy to be able to train hundreds of women who, in turn, accepted the call of the Holy Spirit and are now standing up preaching the Gospel and winning souls for Christ. I am humbled by such an undeserved honor! This experience is God’s greatest desire for every one of His daughters!

It would be wonderful if each one of us could seize the opportunity afforded to us, by the North American Division Ministerial Spouses Association, to stand in the pulpit of our respective churches and proclaim the Good News of the Gospel. The challenge may be greater for some than for others; however, the calling is for every one of His daughters. The promises of God are certain for those who make themselves available. “Go and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things, whatever I commanded you. And, behold, I am with you all the days until the end of the world”  (Matthew 28: 19, 20, KJV, emphasis added). The One who calls qualifies. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13, KJV, emphasis added). 

Leading souls to Christ is the greatest honor a human being can receive, and its results produce the most fulfilling joy a human’s heart can feel. May God help us to open our hearts and answer favorably to the NAD Ministerial Spouses evangelism initiative for 2013–2014! Who knows if we are not called for a time like this? Who knows if it is not the last movement before the latter rain? —Jeanne Nicolle Brisé

Note: More information will be shared about the NAD Ministerial Spouses evangelism initiative for 2013-2014 in a future newsletter issue. —Editor

Jeanne Nicolle Brisé, M.Ed.
Chair, Ministerial Spouses Evangelism Committee, North American Division
Director, Women's Ministries and Prayer Ministries Departments, Southeastern Conference