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God's Love Song

God's Love Song
by Ginny Allen

The new sharing book for women comes from beloved speaker, ministerial spouse and prayer warrior Ginny Allen. God’s Love Song is filled with stories of God’s love through both the joyful and painful chapters in life.

Ginny says, “God longs to draw near to each one of us with a song of healing grace. He loves us, changes us and wants to use us to share His love with others.”

Women from all walks of life will resonate with these stories and will know that God loves them and has the power to change them.

For a limited time, 25 percent of sales profits will help support Asian Aid, a fully-supportive ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Their program, Hope for Nepal, brings healing to thousands of women through life-changing surgeries and by rescuing young girls from human trafficking.
God’s Love Song is perfect for sharing with anyone who wants to grow in their walk with Jesus. The book is now available at your local Adventist Book Center, online at http://www.adventistbookcenter.com and by calling 800-765-6955. 

Ginny Allen is a retired school nurse from Vancouver, Washington.  She has been happily married to her husband, Elder David Allen, for almost 50 years and has been a mentor to many women around the world! Ginny is best known for her interest in prayer and ministry. She founded Joy! Ministries and is committed to bringing joy to the heart of God as we seek to hear His love song.
Ginny has spoken for retreats, seminars prayer conferences, church weekends and camp meetings across North America and internationally, including Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. She is committed to God's will for her life — nothing more, nothing less, nothing else!
Ginny also loves animals, especially raccoons. Through the years, she has raised numerous orphaned baby animals, including four raccoons, wild bunnies, a newborn fawn and a squirrel. 
She and her husband find special delight in their two granddaughters, Ashley Rae and Kennedy Nicole. Their older son Scott and his wife, Cathie, live nearby as does their daughter-in-law, Dana, the mother of their grandchildren and wife of their younger son, Bob, who is resting in Jesus.