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A Taste of Travel

A Taste of Travel
by Nancy Lyon Kyte

Pacific Press has released a unique cookbook by Nancy Lyon Kyte. A Taste of Travel is a collection of soup and stew recipes from more than 130 countries, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.  Kyte – a world traveler – says, “The world is a fascinating place, filled with a diversity of colors, textures and tastes guaranteed to stir your curiosity. But one thing common to most cultures is the pleasure found in sitting down to enjoy a bowl of warm soup or stew — the ultimate comfort food!”

The recipes are arranged alphabetically by country, and they include burnished-apricot lentil soup from Armenia, crockpot potato soup from Germany, sweet mango soup from Jamaica and tomato-basil soup from Latvia.

Included with the recipes are customs, traditions and scenic highlights from each country. Readers will feast their eyes on beautiful color photos of the people, places, fruits and vegetables of countries around the world.

Reader reviews include the following: “The first recipe we tried was the raspberry soup from Serbia. It was amazing served hot for supper and equally delightful cold for a lunch dessert the next day. My family and I are going to use this cookbook as our supper menu for the next few months. I highly recommend this book!”

A Taste of Travel is available at Adventist Book Centers, online at www.AdventistBookCenter.com and by phone at 800-765-6955.

Nancy Lyon Kyte says, "Some of the fondest memories of my childhood go back to Sabbath mornings. As a Seventh-day Adventist family, we attended church every Saturday. I enjoyed everything about Sabbath School, but what I loved most were the mission stories. I learned that we have a responsibility to care about others and help them in whatever way we can.

Eventually, along with her parents, Melvin and Marjorie Lyon, and her younger sisters, Mary, Susan and Sandra, they became a missionary family. Nancy says, "When I was nine years old, we left our home in Des Moines, Iowa, and moved to Bandung, Indonesia. When I was 11, we were transferred to Japan; and when I was 13, we moved to Singapore. Living abroad was a great experience for all of us. I returned to the United States when I was 18 years old to attend college."

Many years later, Nancy landed what she calls "the perfect job." As marketing director for Adventist Mission, she works to raise awareness of the ongoing work that the Seventh-day Adventist Church does in nearly 200 countries and territories. "It is my privilege to share news of upcoming mission projects and report on the work that has been accomplished. I also work to keep our donors updated about the frontline work of Global Mission."

Nancy loves sightseeing, visiting grocery stores around the world, and experimenting with international cooking.  She has visited 34 countries  so far.