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Indiana Ministerial Spouses Enjoy Fun-filled Spiritual Retreat
The Indiana Conference ministerial spouses convened at the Adventist Frontier Missions Training Center, in Berrien Springs, Mich., March 2325, 2012. The ladies expressed delight about the Center’s lovely meeting facility and surroundings. 

The main speaker for the event was Jill Manoukian, who serves in team ministry with her husband, Steve, at the Brownsburg and Chapel West churches and is the Indiana Conference Shepherdess chapter president. On Sabbath morning, she invited the ladies to circle each one present as a group, solicited prayer needs, and then two ministerial spouses prayed for the one encircled. Many tears were shed. It was a very sweet, bonding experience for us.
Collene Kelly, co-director of family ministries for the Indiana Conference and a ministry partner with her husband, Ron, at the Cicero Church, spoke Friday night about our pastor/husbands. She shared how to keep marriages alive and special. Collene invited spouses to write a special letter to their husbands, and she offered to mail the letters at another time for the ladies.
On Sabbath evening, Sandi Case, former Shepherdess chapter president, presented a sundown vespers talk. Sandi is always so bubbly; she makes everyone happy.
After sundown on Sabbath, a white elephant exchange game was played. The ladies exchanged gifts by drawing numbers then selecting from the gifts shared. It was a fun thing to do, and everyone seemed to enjoy it.
After breakfast on Sunday morning, Jill gave one last talk and then the ladies said their goodbyes and headed for home. 
The attendees expressed their delight for the delicious meals they didn’t have to cook, meaningful messages presented, prayers offered, opportunities to talk and share with friends, and the Bath & Body Works gift bags. 

Article Photos
1) Jill Manoukian, Shepherdess chapter president, presenter; 2) Collene Kelly, former Shepherdess chapter president, presenter; and 3) Sandi Whitney, Jonina Thordarson, former Shepherdess Chapter president, and Carmen Beltre enjoy the white elephone exchange.

Additional Photos
Top row: 1) Janell Hurst displays white elephant exchange gift; 2) Sandi Case, Audrey Watson-Payne and Peris Apola try to figure out the clue during a Saturday evening game; 3) Sandi Whitney, Audrey Watson-Payne, Jonina Thordarson, Janell Hurst and Cheryl Olney share thoughts during a group discussion; 4) Peris Apola, Jonina Thordarson, Joan Meharry, Audrey Watson-Payne and Collene Kelly enjoy Lake Chapin;
Bottom row: 5) Sandi Whitney caught in a moment of joy; 6) Carmen Beltre holds George Manoukian, the only man invited to the retreat; 6) Joan Meharry displays her white elephant exchange gift, with Sandi Case to her right; 7) Jill Manoukian displays a little purse she selected during white elephant exchange, something she planned to give to her daughter when she returned home; Joan Meharry looks on.

Indiana Conference
Ministerial Spouses Camp Meeting Luncheon

Back row: Jill Manoukian, Donna Pickett, Joan Meharry, Susan Delong, Tina Jencks, Sonja Childers, Carrie Nennich, Stacey Rodriguez and Wanda Rosario  

Middle row: Judy Shepherd, Paola Pizarro, Patty Kruger, Cheryl Olney, Gina Hall,
Shirley Wright, Jonina Thordarson, Beatriz Freking; Peris Apola, Janell Hurst and
Erney Poenitz  
Front row: Carmen Beltre, Ruth Willis, Raquel Vasquez; Sandi Whitney, 
Kimberly Kornegay, Trish Thompson, Karen Peckham, Phyllis Wrate; Lilly Lopez,
Collene Kelly and Audrey Watson-Payne


Erney Poenitz 
Indiana Conference Shepherdess sponsor
Erney has been sponsor of the Shepherdess chapter of the Indiana Conference since 2009. She enjoys the interaction with all the ministerial spouses and feels a strong kinship to them. Erney also conducts background checks of church employees and volunteers throughout the conference, especially those who work in any capacity dealing with children. She also works at the Cicero Church as the administrative assistant for the pastors, and as church secretary. At home, Erney and her husband, Steven, enjoy the company of Happy, their dog.