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Debra Brill
Listen to Debra's Story

Debra is a church administrator for the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists. Her life mission is summed up in a statement from Rosemary Radford Ruther, who said, “Ministry is the transformation from power OVER others to the EMPOWERMENT of others.”

 “It’s been my privilege to work with amazing professionals who love God and have been gifted with leadership in a broad spectrum of specialties.” Debra is administrative liaison and chairs the NAD committees and boards for the following ministries:  Adventist Community Services, Adult, Children’s, Deaf, Disabilities, Family, Health, Hope for Humanity, Philanthropic Services for Institutions, Prayer, Resource Development, Special Projects, Stewardship, Women’s and Youth/Young Adult Ministries. She also serves on the boards of Christian Record Services and Versacare, Inc.

After completing an Education degree from James Madison University, Debra began her ‘volunteer decade’ working in various ministries for Potomac Conference, subsequently serving as Associate Director for Adult, Children’s Ministries and Special Projects for the president. She then went to the west coast to serve as Executive Director for research and development, Church Resources Consortium, Pacific Union Conference. She has served as a Vice President in North America Division since 1998. She is married to George Brill, Associate Director for NAD IT Services. They have two adult children and three grandchildren.

In April of 2012 she shared on this audio recording a portion of her spiritual and leadership journey.