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Six Building Block Videos

Below is a complete listing of the six building blocks. Click here to watch an introduction to the building block concept. Click any of the titles to watch an introductory video.

a.    Transformational Evangelism – The main strategy includes: incisive, well-designed study of urban demographics and urban mindset as the foundation for evangelism and ministry, evaluation of what has been working already in urban centers looking for principles that can be applied universally, changing the culture of evangelism from a “Net” approach with minimal church participation to convergent evangelism using the skill sets of all, studying the meaning of the priesthood of all believers for evangelism as a rationale for the use of everyone’s spiritual gifts, creating a new paradigm for pastoral leadership that better enables the evangelistic task to be spread among all church members, and targeting one major metropolitan area each year for the next nine years.

b.    Retention of Young Adults – The main strategy includes: strengthening existing initiatives within our churches and schools that are successfully connecting and maintaining contact with collegiate young adults, a strategy for revitalizing local Adventist churches through young adult training for church members on how to involve college-age youth, and a strong campus evangelism initiative.

c.    Women in Ministry – The main initiatives include incentivizing the hiring of greater numbers of women clergy and administrators, the development of church administrator support structures for women clergy, and programs for the orientation and education of church members about women in ministry.

d.    Education for EveryoneOnline – The potential strategies presented for this initiative were: online as well as asynchronous K-12 students who lack access to Adventist schools, Adventist college courses online taken by students attending public institutions with the credits for those courses transferred to the pubic university, a training curriculum delivered online to leaders, pastors and other Adventist employees, church-based seminars for training members in a wide variety of ministries, and seminars based at local churches for the surrounding community such as  stop smoking, CHIP programs, family budgeting classes, and other high-demand experiences.

e.    Emerging Immigrant Populations – The potential strategies for this initiative are: having culturally appropriate evangelism events, campaign and witnessing efforts, small group ministries targeted to immigrant population, use of the Internet in language-appropriate print media such as newsletters and magazines, pastoral formation, training and leadership development, use of broadcast media such radio, television and social media, evangelistic Bible lessons translated in an expanded variety of languages, and innovative  approaches for providing immigrant children with a rich, Seventh-day Adventist education.

f.     Media – The major goals here are: retention of young adults, Adventist education for everyone, reach emerging immigrant communities, women clergy involvement, social media to connect with our communities for service, renewal and outreach, equip pastors and lay leadership with a dynamic understanding of how to use social media, develop specific social media tools and products to meet ministry needs and the metrics for measuring their impact.