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A Two-Gun Welcome
 Our first district out of seminary was in a very rural section of Kentucky.  We were warned that we should never make visits during the evening hours, as we might be thought of as “revenuers” and be shot at on sight.  (Shades of the Hatfields and the McCoys!) We followed that advice and made visits to our members in the daylight hours. 

    One day we decided to visit a man in one of our congregations that had recently married a woman from another part of the state. We’d never met her and wanted her to feel welcome.  After navigating our way down numerous narrow, country roads we finally found their home and turned down the long driveway. We parked and made our way to the front porch, where we knocked and were warmly greeted.  The couple seated us on their couch with our backs to the picture window and they sat down in chairs across from us. 

   We had been talking for awhile when suddenly one said to the other, “Do you see what I see?”  They both grabbed guns and dashed out the front door.  Remembering the warnings we’d received earlier, we weren’t sure if we should merely duck or lay flat on the floor to avoid any incoming bullets!  With wide eyes we glanced quickly out the window and discovered who the intruder was.  We had a CB in our car and one of their goats had climbed up on top of our car and was trying to eat the CB antenna.  Talk about thankful!  We were happy to see a curious goat instead of a steamed up Hatfield or McCoy!