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Technology is rapidly shaping society. From iPhones to iPads to complicated lighting boards and powerful projectors, society is influenced by the best gadgets and electronics this age has to offer. But how are cellphones, computers, projectors—you name it—influencing your local church?

At my church the use of projectors, visual art, lighting boards and computers play an important part of our worship experience every Sabbath. Every weekend, technology finds its place in bringing the Gospel Message to people’s hearts. As Matt Brown, one of our technical ministers, puts it, “The role of media is to provide an atmosphere that allows people to connect with God in a more powerful way.”

So how are you using technologies in your church? Is it telling the message of Jesus, or are you worried about getting the “cool effect” and missing the point?

Here are three things to keep in mind when working with technology:

Keep your audience in mind.
Jesus spoke in parables, stories and visual illustrations. His message was always the same, but He knew his audience, so He would use the best way to tell the message. The same thing can be said about the use of technology in the church. Some congregations are not equipped or ready to get into the technological age. That’s hard to believe, but it’s true. So before you invest in new equipment, ask yourself the following question: Will this best serve my congregation in understanding the story of Jesus?

Have a plan “B.” For the ones that use computers, projectors and all those gadgets, you understand the unwritten love/hate relationship between humans and technology . . . sometimes things don’t go according to plan. A light bulb might burn out, a cable could be missing or the battery would run out. If your service is dependent on technology, always have a plan “B.” Understanding your limitations and going over all the things that could go wrong is a good thing to do.

Remember the purpose. First Corinthians 10:31 says that whatever we do, we should do it all for the glory of God. When using technology in the church, don’t forget its purpose, which is to bring glory to God.

Don’t be afraid of letting technology into the church. Keep the purpose in mind and the Lord will bless. May God continue to guide you as you use the talents He’s given you for the advancement of His Kingdom.

Eddie Cornejo is the Associate Pastor at Foster Church in Asheville, NC

Eddie Cornejo is the Associate Pastor
at Foster Church in Asheville, NC