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Spartanburg Uses ProPresenter
By Kevin Watson

ProPresenter is a very dynamic worship software application suitable for the simplest of needs to more complex integrations. There are many features you can read about on renewedvision.com, but I will cover some here that I find very appealing. We utilize the site license and find it very convenient to have it on multiple computers. The software is also cross-platform so we can all get along.
Playing DVDs can be a mixed bag because DVDs spin down and when you want a DVD to play, it has to spin up and therefore a small delay ensues. But with ProPresenter, you have the option to rip the DVD cues into the program if you have enough heads up time.
Have you ever searched online for lyrics to certain songs and found lyrics that were not completely accurate? Enter SongSelect. We use the SongSelect integration, by CCLI, and once the license is connected through the program, you immediately have access to the entire database of lyrics. Preset your slide template, import the lyrics directly into the template, and you have your lyrics right away. Even though the template is preset, you almost always have to make some adjustments to the words, given that different songs sets have different amounts of words for each verse and may not match your template exactly.
Hot Folders allow you to drop content into certain folders without having to “import” them into ProPresenter. If you have a network with shared access to certain folders, you can set certain folders up like “Video Files”, “Backgrounds”, “Sermon Images”, etc. All someone has to do is drop the content into the folders and they appear in the program browser almost immediately.
Bibles can be purchased through renewedvision.com for $15 each. I am disappointed that they do not apply to the ProPresenter cross-licensed to the Bibles. You have to purchase a Bible for each computer and that can add up really quick. But it may not be Renewed Vision’s fault as the licensing could be from higher up the chain.
I would love to see ProPresenter integrate Keynote presentations. Right now, you have to switch between programs to use both or export your Keynote presentation as jpegs and import them manually. But if you plan ahead of time, you should set up your slides playlist with your custom background images for each sermon. Our pastors email me their Bible texts, quotes, images and list them in the order that they will preach, so I am able to create the presentation within ProPresenter and have it ready for the sermon.
Another great feature is the mobile app, ProPresenter Remote ($5). You set an observer password and a controller password in the main application and as long as the mobile user has one of these, they can see and/or control the slide presentation. The Observer login allows someone to browse through the presentations. The Control login allows someone to take over the presentation. I have found the remote app to be great when you are short of hands and need to be up front on the church platform. The apps are iOS only.

Overall, ProPresenter is very intuitive. There are a lot of features that make this one of the best worship software products on the market. I find that most of the people I know that run worship software use ProPresenter and I think you will not be disappointed in it.
About Kevin Watson:
At the Spartanburg SDA Church, I volunteer as the Youth Director and organize the annual Alive Youth Rally (AliveSC.com). In addition to those responsibilities, I assist in church programming at the A/V booth. You can follow Kevin at www.Facebook.com/itskev or on Twitter - @itskev.