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Seven Days of Miracles
What if every church member in the Division had an intentional plan to reach out to someone at the same time?  Seven Days of Miracles provides that opportunity.  Most of our members long to reach another individual for Christ, but for the most part, they wait for something to happen.  They wait for God to provide an opportunity.
But what would happen if we all spent an entire week being very intentional about outreach?  And what if it was such a simple program that every church member could participate - at his or her own level of ability, and within his or her comfort level?
On March 23, we’re suggesting that every church in the Division set aside ten minutes in the main worship service to encourage church members to think of one person they’d like to reach for Christ.  (It can be more, but we’re aiming to have everyone think of at least one.)  Once they think of someone, they write the name on a simple card designed to be kept in their Bibles.  (The card will be downloadable from the project’s website well in advance: sevendaysofmiracles.com)  
Then the church prays - but in a very specific way. “Lord, give me an opportunity to reach out to this person this week in some way.  Give me a chance to bless them.  By faith, this week - over the next seven days - I choose to believe that You will open that door and give me a chance to do something.”
The project is designed to teach and demonstrate intentionality in witnessing.  It’s also designed to build faith as church members find God to be in harmony with their desire to reach out.  
For each day over the next week, there will be a suggested activity posted at the website and some words of encouragement.  On Sunday, for example, they might simply dedicate time to praying for the individual named on the card, asking God to give them an opportunity to make social contact on Monday.  On Monday, they might pick up the phone and invite that person to meet them for lunch, or go for a walk, or something else that is completely social and non-threatening.  
On Tuesday, they could thank God for allowing them to make contact, and ask for another opportunity on Wednesday or Thursday - but this time, they’ll make the contact more spiritual.  Perhaps they’ll offer to pray with the individual, or share a piece of literature, or invite them to a small group Bible study - or simply mention what a difference God has made in their own lives.  Something.  Anything.  
On the following Sabbath - on March 30 (Easter weekend) - the church sets aside time for members to share how God answered their prayers.
That’s it.  It’s simple.  Inexpensive.  And intentional.  
Keep watching www.sevendaysofmiracles.com for more details and resources between now and the project’s launch on March 23.