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Women Clergy

NAD Ministerial associate, Esther Knott, seeks to minister to, support, and facilitate the ministry of women clergy in the North American Division.  The Women Clergy we support are pastors, religion professors, Bible teachers, Bible instructors (workers) and women who have a religion degree and are working in a conference, union, division or GC administrative positions.
Bi-Annually, a national women clergy conference is held to address the spiritual needs of these women who pour their lives out for their congregants.  Providing for mutual support and networking, the conference particularly addresses the needs of those who work in isolation from other women clergy.
Esther networks with colleges, universities, and the seminary to assure that women receiving training have the necessary information for their career development, and posts the resumes of those completing their education and are ready for placement to ministerial secretaries at the conference level. When there are pastoral openings, she works to find women that match the ministry description and forwards necessary contact information to those concerned.  She acts as an ombudsmen to those in difficult circumstances and negotiates resolution of issues or facilitates a transfer to another setting. As an associate, she can speak to policies that effect and impact women clergy. She is also available by phone as a coach and/or mentor to those desiring that assistance.

If you are a female pastor in the North American Division we would like to include you in our future plans.  Please send Mona Karst your contact information so we can keep you informed.
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